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Lush Retro Melomint Bubble Bar

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By mellaview on
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When I first took a look at Lushs Melomint Bubble Bar on the website I was captivated by its appearance. It looked like a fresh slice of watermelon. With a crisp dark pink middle, and a beautiful green colored rolled around the pink center.

It reminded me of those watermelon ice cream rolls.

After reading the description though, I learned that Melomint would not in any form smell like watermelon. They sure as hell had me fooled. I ordered anyway, simply because the minty description, and promise of a wake up fragrange interested me still.


When Melomint arrived, I cut the bar in half, because I knew that Lush Bubble Bars were famous for creating mounds of fluffy bubbles with only a small amount used. I figured I would save the other half for a rainy day.

The scent of Melomint was not quite what I imagined. To me it smelled more like Vicks Vapor Rub. It wasn't an awful scent, but it certainly was strange at the same time. I imagine this would be awesome for those with a cold, or blocked sinuses, because Melomint would surely clear you up.


Melomint did make mounds of frothy bubbles, sadly though they popped out really fast, and what I was left with was Vicks scented murky water.

The water though nonetheless was still very soothing.


An interesting thing about Melomint Bubble Bar was that after I drained the tub, I saw small watermelon seeds all at the bottom of the tub. I was easily able to drain them, but it struck me as odd yet again that this bubble bar did not smell like watermelon. I wonder if they messed up the recipie or something... for it to smell like mint and not a trace of melon.


I liked Melomint, I did not love it. I wouldn't order this one regularly, but I would perhaps pick one up if I were sick and stuffed up, because it would surely help.