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Lush Retro, Soap Sod

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By mellaview on
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I don't know what possessed me to buy Lush's Retro soap, Soap Sod.

The description of the soap should of kept me away, but something about it said BUY ME.

Soap Sod is descibed as smelling like grass, and meadow flowers.

The soap itself is nearly the same color as grass, and for some reason I thought it would make for an excellent summer scented soap.

Well, Soap Sod did not lie. It arrived to my door, and I could smell it through the packaging. Soap Sod smelled to the tee 100% like fresh cut grass. You could close your eyes and imagine someone outside mowing a lawn... it was definelty realistic, but one major issue with Soap Sod was the fact that it was so freaking overwhelming of grass.

I used it nonetheless. There was no way I was wasting an entire bar of soap, espeically seeing how I paid $5.95 for a 3.5 ounce cut, and then another couple dollars to have it shipped to the house.

The lather was mediocre, as the soap is glycerine based. It does not bubble up or lather at all, it does however leave behind a trail of the soap which feels semi sily on the skin.

In the shower though the scent of cut grass got to be so strong, that I knew there was no way I wanted to keep the remaining bar of soap.

I couldnt even give it away really. My mom was repulsed by it, and my cousin thought it was gross. Who wants to smell like grass?


Soap Sod is strictly for those who love the scent of grass, and I mean an abundance of it! This soap is no joke, it packs a powerful kick of grassy fragrance.

Although it is not my personal cup of tea, I still recommend it, because it lives up to its description and its promise. There is nothing false about Soap Sod. Its truly a soap sod.

The plus side is that when you dry off, Soap Sods scent goes away as well.