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Lush, Sultana Of Soap

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By mellaview on
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I have been a Lush junkie for about a year now. My all time favorite bath products that Lush makes is their handmade soaps. I seriously cannot get enough of them, and I am constantly waiting for them to release new scents; which they usually do every season.

Nothing though has come close to Sultana Of Soap, which is my all time favorite product that the store, and website has to offer.

Sultana Of Soap is basically a cream based soap, filled with berries and nut shavings. These berries and shavings give your skin a very light and mild exfoliation, while the actual soap cleanses the skin.

It's not the berries or nut shavings in the soap that I am in love with though (in fact I'd like the soap better without the dang raisins); it is the scent that I am head over heels in love with.

Its like nothing I have ever smelled before. Like fruit, but at the same time not. For me Sultana of Soap smells mildly of apricots, and peaches, and almond...and sooooo damn delicious.

The lather is also something I wanted to mention. I usually cut a small sample amount of Sultana simply because it is cream based, and can melt pretty quickly. However in the shower one small sample cut is more than enough to last for the entire shower.

Anyhow, Sultana produces a very creamy milky lather, which will actually not bubble up, but more or less turn into a more liquidy cream base type lather, which feels extremely nice, and extremely moisturizing on the skin.

Nothing though compares to the way it leaves your skin feeling and smelling. After a shower with the Sultana, my skin is left moisturized and smelling like that glorious apricot, almond nut that I loved the moment I took this soap out of its seal.

Overall Sultana of Soap is a true winner. It is my favorite soap out of all other Lush soaps. It is truly a unique scent, that lasts and lasts.

You can pick up a bar of Sultana at any local Lush, or at Lush.com. I highly recommend it.