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Lush's Coalface Is A Mean Clean

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By bigdane on
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Last summer, as with most summers, I was outside a lot on my bike. I would sweat and get dirty and that resulted in a lot of oily buildup on my face, which in turn resulted in a lot of break outs. Completely disgusted with my face, I went into Lush looking for answers. They directed me towards Coalface. Charcoal, I was told, is incredibly absorbant, and sucks up all the oil on your face.

They weren't kidding. Unfortunately, this can also be a bad thing. My first impression of using Coalface is that a) it smells funny, b) it's gritty and kind of gross feeling because of the charcoal and c) my goodness does it ever get rid of the oil! My face tightened up after the first wash; I was warned about this, but it felt good! My face felt clean! Mission accomplished.

However, a week later, the tightening feeling intensified and never went away. My skin rebelled against the harshness of Coalface, screaming out for oils. When I resisted and persisted with my use of Coalface, my skin got even oilier. I broke out worse than ever and found blackheads all over. I was disgusted and immediately stopped using what I thought was my saving grace from pizzaface.

So yes. Coalface gets rid of the oils on your face. But it does too good of a job. Proceed with caution when using this black menace.

Cheers, fellow Lushies, and don't forget to moisturise!