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Luvs Diapers Size 1

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kakoa By kakoa on
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I received some Luvs diapers for my baby shower, but they were size 1 so I couldn't use them right away. I had used Pampers and Huggies diapers when my baby was in the newborn size, and decided I loved the Huggies brand. I am still using Huggies now that she is in size 1, but I figured I might as well use these since they were free. Well, there's no way I'll ever buy these for myself!

As soon as I took these out of the package, the first thing I noticed was how thin they are. Then when I opened one to put on my baby, all I could think was "I'm putting a plastic bag on her." It was thin like plastic, sounded like a plastic grocery bag, and even had the look of a blue Wal-Mart bag. Every time she moves her legs it sounds like she is wearing a plastic bag!

After using these for about 3 days now, I have had 3 of them leak poop through, and pee leaked all over her back once. It seems like the diapers are supposed to work by having the liquid soak through a thin, mesh-type layer and down into a lower absorbent layer. This does work fairly well for pee, but not at all for poop! I am breastfeeding so the poop is thin and a little liquidy. I have never had a problem with Huggies diapers soaking this up, but these Luvs just push it around and it ends up leaking into the non-absorbent side flaps and sometimes onto her clothes.

I don't think she's very comfortable in these Luvs diapers either. They are noticeably smaller than the Huggies size 1 in the waist and legs. The diaper closes by tabs on elastic, which you really have to stretch out in order to make it all the way around the belly. When I take the diaper off her, I notice elastic marks on her waist and around her legs. I never had this with the Huggies.