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Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers Perfect For Budgets

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shadowfire By shadowfire on
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When our son was born we tried many different kinds of diapers. There was a problem with all of them.

My husband was too grossed out by cloth diapers. Not to mention, we had no washing machine and not enough money (or a way, since we both worked until after it closed) to use the laundry mat. So those were out.

We tried first the diapers we got at the baby shower. I liked Pampers when he was a newborn, but they were a little tight in his legs and rather leaky. Huggies worked well, but my son never liked how bulky they were. Fred's (from Fred's Dollar Store) worked quite well with him but it was a hassle to get up there to buy them. Then we realized that we needed something cheap because money was too tight to afford Pampers or even Huggies. So we tried White Cloud and Parent's Choice. White Cloud was horrible - they practically disintegrated. He also had a horrible rash no matter what in those. Parent's Choice was fine, but we were buying more of them because they didn't hold much so were still spending more than we wanted.

Then my mom suggested Luvs Ultra Leakguard and we've not looked back. They are wonderful diapers. They have everything that we want. The tabs stay securely in place and don't break off the diaper. They are not very bulky, so it's easy to stash several in the diaper bag and he doesn't seem uncomfortable in them. They absorb well, but not so well that he doesn't know if he's wet or not. He's already learned to tell us when he needs changing, something I believe will help with potty training. They don't stick out of his clothes, cut his legs, or leak. The only leaks are at night if he's had a lot to drink before bed, and since I work part of the night, I change him once and there isn't a problem. The Blue's Clues characters are perfect for him.

I highly recommend these diapers. We spend only $17.88 for a box of 80 at the local Ingles grocery store, just five minutes up the road. It's a great money saver, and it's enough diapers that we only need to buy 2 boxes a month usually. We love them, our son likes them, and they work perfectly so you won't be wasting your money with Luvs.