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Lynx Temptation Irresistible As Chocolate

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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Ok guys, i know what your thinking, "woah why does this guy keep reviewing deodorants, does he smell alot?"

well don't worry, your actually wrong. Like many guys, i like to keep a collection of 4 or 5 deodorants, some anti-perspirant some not, like this one, "Dark Temptation by Lynx". Well i must say this is one of a very few number of deodorants that have actually gained comments like "who smells so nice, the man smell", and "you smell slightly better" lol, this 1 isn;t true, but you never know :P. This one strangley entered my hands via a group of gorgeous girls wondering the sunshine coast here in Australia, Brisbane, in short shorts.

As with the other deodorant i reviewed earlier, this one also smells nice, however i can see myself as being bored with the smell aftera few months, just simply because it's a smell very close to tacky and cheap, which i just cannot stand.

An easyier way to explain what it smells like is when walking down through the shops when an attractive girl walks past and she smells heavily of chicks deodorant. Although lynx still argues it is "irresistible as chocolate" i must say i someone disagree.

Now as a final note, i think you should personally go down to a store of your choice, eg kmart and try the fragrances as there is no better reviewer other then yourself.


btw - i am pretty sure it's 5.99, however i cannot be sure as i recieved it as a gift from "gorgeous girls"