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Lynyrd Skynyrd: 'The Collection'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Good times galore in this ‘Collection' of great Lynyrd Skynyrd hits. The band that swept us away, and then tragically left us in 1977, only to be reborn and carried piggy back on the determination and dedication of Johnny VanZant, in memory of his brother Ronnie, whom died in that fateful plane crash.

A band that resonates through the classic hallways of Rock-N-Roll, these members pieced and prodded them selves together, to continue the spirit, mostly in assembly to remember its fallen members. It never did die, as one would expect when a front man is lost, and it never did lose pace in the heartbeats of our musical desires. This band became a 'Legend'.

"The Collection" is loaded with all of Skynyrd's best hits. As fact belies upon us, every song was a hit, and all of them will someday find their way onto a "Total Vault Collection".

‘Sweet Home Alabama' sets this sweet country rocker on its road to total satisfaction and guaranteed trance, as it places American Spirit, into the bellies of every rock lover.

‘Gimme Three Steps (original version)', and "Simple Man' are direct hits on the senses, as you are taken back to the day, and reality, of these two greats. 'Simple Man', in all it's glory is the song that makes you want to cry when you think of the loss of Ronnie VanZant.

Steve Gaines, and his sister Cassie were also killed in the terrible plane crash that left other members of the band so badly scarred from the event, that they still are deeply hurt and wounded to this day. This Tragedy is so fresh in my mind, that it seems like yesterday. It has been over thirty years, and this music grabs me like a fresh album every time.

‘Swamp Music', is 4th on the list of award winning hits. It is a very tasty piece of 70's magic, taking you right into a party mood. The dial moves slightly to the right, and the speakers get adjusted, while this one tears through our review. It is quickly followed by ‘The Needle And The Spoon', which is classic in every regard. This band had that mellow twist, and here it is appreciated to the full extent.

A fabulous track from this 100% perfect album is ‘I'm A Country Boy', a piece that I can only get lost in. This mix of southern-style rock, and professional bar- stool- instrumentals add more to the soul than a good beer.

The #7 song ‘What's Your Name', is one of the more remembered titles, that even my 7 year old daughter recognizes as that "Legend Bands song, LYNYRD SKYNYRD". I think she definitely likes ‘What's Your Name', as she only can only forget the title and remember the band. I am impressed.

‘I Ain't The One' is an awesome piano laced favorite of mine. The spirit and electricity of this one is a repeater for sure. I love the way it enhances my beer buzz. This is an original version title, and it rips up the mood.

The 9th piece on this collection is a fantastic memory from the past. I have loved this one like all the rest. No band ever came close to this deep southern style, and no band ever will. I am sad that this band did not inherit old age like Johnny Cash. They would still be tearin' it up. ‘Don't Ask Me No Questions', follows with a great evening relaxer.

The #10 song is an all time radio favorite, ‘Gimme Back My Bullets', and Johnny does a great job beltin out this stylish classic. I swear, this band will never die. It is alive and well.

‘Saturday Night Special' packs the heat when this one knocks the speakers over. Not one ounce of this song can be considered an error. It is one very tasteful classic that will always be a hit in the music crowd, period! The drum work here is the catalyst opening fire like a pocket pistol.

The 12th hit packed into this catalogs collection is ‘Honky Tonk Night Time Man'. This musical diary of western themed living, and country electric guitar play on the fever and the rush this team created with it's genius compilations of country madness. The piano is definitely what makes this one a ‘Dukes Of Hazard' type rebel.

At #13, ‘The Railroad Song', comes chuggin' in with a nice harmonica overtone. This is a real country song, if ever I heard one. A slick rhythm that sounds like a ‘Blacksnake' hit, and the lyrics of a true written classic, I must say, this one supercedes the rest.

Next up is ‘Workin' For MCA', and this is one that stands out in a crowd. It is hard to believe that a band could produce so many hits. I bet Tom Petty Got his drive from, this bands ideals. This song sounds like a ‘Fog Hat' title, and definitely you will nevr, ever put this one to rest. A great work of art.

‘Every Mothers Son' and ‘Whiskey Rock-A-Roller' are the next bad-ass tracks coming off this party platter. The night is full of good times.

The final blast on this solid collection is the most recognized of them all. ‘That Smell' is my all time favorite from this legendary band. I only wish that there were 16 more. A great band, that lives forever in my mind, and is trapped forever in my heart. What more can I say?