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M Tech 150lb Draw Crossbow

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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My husband owns this M-Tech 150lb draw weight crossbow. He got it at Big 5 for about $89.99 on Sale. He is helping me write this review. There are a few things we have found about this crossbow that we felt people needed to know. This is a FULL sized crossbow NOT a pistol size.

First of all just by seeing the price you should know that this is NOT your top of the line hardcore hunting crossbow. It is cheaply made. The scope that comes with it looked and felt like something you find on a Childs toy. It is made completely out of plastic and the lens seemed to be plastic as well. It didn’t sight things in well at all. Also, he says he does not recall this scope having any adjustments to help sight it in. My husband replaced this scope with another higher quality scope that a friend gave him. Because this crossbow is so cheaply made, he could not just attach a new scope…he had to buy adjustments for it. Those were found easily enough at Wal-mart.

The frame of the crossbow is mainly steel which is sturdy and durable enough, the “grip” piece is plastic and the actual bow part is made of fiberglass. This cracked while he was stringing it. The string that comes with the bow is NOT pre-waxed like the higher quality crossbow strings are. You have to buy the wax separately and wax it yourself. The sales people at Big 5 told him “It’s not necessary to do that” however, the first time my husband tried to string this crossbow (without wax, like they said) the string frayed. After about 2 weeks of playing/shooting it, the string snapped in half, whipped back and snapped him in the face. Yep, he was mad! So he went back to Big 5 and bought another draw string for his crossbow and also another stringer. This time he also purchased the wax. This seemed to strengthen the draw string. It has been a little over 6 months of weekend usage only and still no fraying.

It also came with 4 arrows but NO quiver. The crossbow does have a safety; it locks into safety whenever you load it. If you try to fire the crossbow with the safety on, it will jam the trigger and it takes a bit of work to undo. Other than that it fires well and is fairly accurate with the better scope properly sighted in.

The Big 5 sales guys recommended that my husband NOT buy a target. They instead told him to shoot into a couple of Hay bales. When my husband did this it snapped his arrows in half. This is irritating because the arrows are $5.00 a piece when you buy them. My husband did after all that go and buy an actual target. This worked perfectly, so he doe not recommend shooting into any solid objects.

My husband has never actually taken this hunting but he also does not believe it would be good for an actual hunting trip…he says maybe if you can get the animal close enough (30ft) it would be ok.

This M-Tech 150lb Draw weight crossbow is NOT a toy. It does stick an arrow well into a tree. My husband sank one 10 inches into a pine. So although it is cheaply made it is still dangerous. Even though we have some complaints about this Crossbow, it has been fun for shooting targets. We would recommend this more for a beginning/amateur/practice crossbow.

NOTE: The scope you see attached to the crossbow in the pictures IS NOT the scope that comes with the M-Tech Cross Bow.