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Maalox Liquid Heart Burn Relief

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By janna on
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During pregnancy I suffer from an insane amount of heartburn. If you've ever suffered from heartburn then you know exactly how uncomfortable and even painful that it can be. It you've ever been pregnant then you also know that you are limited amount of medicine that you can take.

When pregnant with my daughter and son I took Maalox to help combat my heartburn woes. While Maalox is available in chewable tablets I find that the liquid works much faster. Maalox comes in different flavors which include cherry and citrus. Regardless of what flavor you choose Maalox taste like milky chalk.

Maalox may not taste very good but it does work. It offers instant relief. You can actually feel the liquid coat your throat. It sends a cool sensation from my throat all the way to my stomach.

The unfortunate thing with Maalox is that it does not last as long as other heartburn medicines. You will have only a few minutes of complete relief and a few hours of dulled heartburn. The reason that I always choose Maalox over other heartburn medicines is because of how fast it does work. If you've ever had horrible heartburn sometimes instant relief and a returning case of mild symptoms is better than waiting for hours for the heartburn to subside.