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Macbook Air

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The new Macbook air is Apple's pride and joy this season. Beautiful, sleek, silver and easy to use; the crowds of people playing with it in the apple stores practically have to wait in line just to touch it.

Some people may say "OK its THIN, so what?" Well you'll only feel this way until you actually have one in your grasp. Not only is it light, its feather light. You could carry this laptop in any bag you own (lady geeks.. if it fit in a purse, you definitely would) and you'd barely feel it. It's the same weight as carrying around a planner or a book for work.

Now its true, this computer isn't for those who aren't technology savvy. The only way to load a program from a disc is to use your wireless connection to connect to your remote desktop (or other laptop) in your house. Some may complain that this is a set back, but i've found that when you first purchase a computer you load everything you need onto it and you're pretty much done. After all, we apple users download our music through itunes and now we can download our movies as well, so as far as apple is concerned.. there is barely a use for disc drives anymore on a regular basis. So with that point out of the way, lets look at the other highlights that the MacBook Air has to offer.

Perks of the Macbook Air:

*Light, light, light... thin, thin thin! It has a Core 2 Duo chip in a specially designed package and small motherboard that help reduce its thickness.

*The LCD screen is backlit with LEDs, which saves battery.

*The Keyboard is also backlit with black keys to reduce sign of age or use (and you know.. it looks cool)

*Multi-touch touchpad (with the same multi-touch options as the iphone/ipod touch)

*Full size screen (rare on the 'small' versions of most laptops from dell and other companies)

*Full size keyboard (also rare on competing models)

Downsides of the Macbook Air:

*A little slower than other mac laptops when installing programs (but as we said, you do this once and you're done.. so who cares?)

*Wireless doesn't recognize as many wireless points as the other mac laptops (a little annoying, but apple has promised to fix this soon with a software update)

Priced at $1799 for a 1.6GHz chip, plus 2GB of RAM and a 80GBs 4200 RPM Drive. For almost double the price (this hurts a little) at $3098, you can get a 1.8GHz chip with the same 2GB of RAM and a 64GB solid state drive module that, like all SSD, is shock resistant.

A beautiful machine, easy to carry, easy to use. What more can I say? I didn't want to be one of the people who actually wanted one of these because of the scary price tag, but after using it for a few days.. it's hard to go back to the bulky, heavy laptop (in comparison) that I use everyday.

In the end, if you have a chance to use one, you'll want one. It is the next step in laptops, mirroring the moment when apple came out of with the first nano. Everyone said, "but its so small with less space, who would want one?" Apparently, everyone!