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Mac Book Pro 15

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By mr77 on
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With the constant ongoing debate between Macs and PCs and myself being a more design centered person when it came to computer usage I decided to convert to mac's after many hours researching. I was considering the lowest model of the MacBook Pro 15" when an oppurtunity fell upon me. I was an intern at an advertising company at the time and the people who helped design many of our ads were upgrading and offered me the most expensive 15" for just one thousand dollars. It still ran Tiger instead of Leapord but I didn't really care and went ahead and bought it.

This is easily one of the best purcahses I have ever made. The UI on OSX is innovative and while it may be based off UNIX (which is free with Linux) it is much more user friendly and gets rid of all the ahssles Linux presesnts. Also the OSX software manages to handle resources exponentially better than windows can. This combined with the keyboard which is extremely easy and fluid to type on and the large trackpad which is level with the rest of the laptop gives it ease of use in both UI and externally. Compared to most laptops who have buried trackpads and difficult keyboards that is. The screen is also beautiful, vibrant and has an amazing resolution of 1440x900 which my friends vista desktop can't handle despite having a 20" monitor. Also the built in webcam is great and allows me to communicate with all my other mac using friends easily.

Overall this laptop is amazing in both speed and performance and is highly reccommended.