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Macbook White's Alright!

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By bigdane on
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I love my Macbook! When my iBook G4 went kaput, I knew it was time to move on, and I knew it was going to be to another Mac laptop. I was faced with a decision - black or white? I deliberated on this for a long time; the black is so sexy, but was it really worth an extra $200 just to have a matte black laptop? My decision was to instead take that $200 and put it towards components. The specs on my Macbook are: 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB of RAM, 120 GB hard drive, SuperDrive, and of course, the fun part: an iSight built in. It's really easy to take photos and record videos on your Macbook with the iSight, all you need is Photo Booth or iMovie and you're set! It's tons of fun to play with. With the huge amount of RAM and the superfast processor, opening programmes like Photoshop or Illustrator take no time whatsoever and perform beautifully. Leopard is a wonderful OS, very easy to use and customise, and super sleek looking.

I think one of my favorite features of the Macbook is the magnetic charger plug. Having had two chargers break off at the bulb on my iBook, this new charger is ingenious and failsafe. No longer will I have to worry about moving my charger too much!

The Macbooks are a bit pricey, to be sure, but it's not regrettable. I've used my Macbook so often in the past month and one half that I've had it that I'm sure it's more than made up for the price. I use it for school, work, play, everything! It's great, versatile, and makes my life a lot easier.