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Madden '09 Xbox 360 Review!!!

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By Andrew Radel on
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Every year football fans converge together for one main reason, MADDEN. Arguably one of the greatest sports video gaming franchises to ever walk the planet. This year EA Sports had a tough challenge in keeping the franchise going. Over the past couple years the franchise has faltered. Since the becoming of the Xbox 360 versions of Madden, there has been little to no change or improvement of the franchise. Thus ripping off the consumer, by putting the same game together year after year, with just updated rosters. A lot of critiscm was directed at EA Sports for this type of bad direction the franchise was taking. This year EA Sports had a lot on its' plate, due to this year being the 20th anniversary of Madden. Thus provoking change in EA Sports direction of the game. EA Sports made a lot of goals for themselves, and it was unclear if EA Sports would accomplish their goals or not. But EA Sports did in my opinon. They seized the day with Madden 09. And helped draw back those wayward gamers that had lost hope in the franchise.

Madden 09 is in my opinon the best Madden to come since Madden 2001. And here is why.

Madden level- An interesting new feature that allows for the gamer to get the fairest of fair games. Adjusting the level of difficulty through the way you play. Also the rewind feature is pretty cool. Where you can rewind a play if a misque such as an interception or fumble occured.

Graphics- The graphics are beautiful! enough said!

Gameplay- Fantastic the gameplay is so much more smoother than previous years! Making the game very realistic. Providing a true portyal of professional football.

The replay value is very high in this game. The game becomes so addicting, and really draws the gamer in. Helping the gamer feel what the real pros feel in the actual games.