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Made For Tv The Shining

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I have heard a lot of bad mouthing about this film because it isn't as creepy or gory as the 1980s version. I will admit that's true but it's made for tv so it can't be overly gory. I've also heard it's closer to the book then the original and that some find it not that bad. I think a huge part of the reason that people didn't like it is because it didn't start off with Jack going crazy.

The characters have a past, they love each other and you see that in this film. They are more shaped, well rounded and you actually see Jack trying to fight off his demons because he loves his family. I thought Steven Weber did a great job as Jack honestly he made the role his own. The same can be said for the roles of Wendy and Danny.

Something that struck me about this is that you can see the emotion the characters have for each other. Wendy and Jack both would do anything to pretect Danny even if Jack doesn't always show it. I liked how the hotel messed with Danny's head but that he kept telling himself he was tough and that they couldn't hurt him. You also got to see the affect that he had on Dick the chef when he used his gift.

For being a 4 1/2 hour movie I enjoy watching all 3 discs back to back there are very movies I like to do that with. Just sit down with some popcorn and enjoy a good few hours of a great film. Once again this is one of my recomendations and it has another 5 stars.