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Reviewing: Nintendo Wii Mad World  |  Rating:
By ardin on
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"riven into quarantine and chaos by the outbreak of a deadly virus, ‘survival of the fittest’ takes on a whole new meaning as trapped citizens are pitted against each other in the gruesome sports show, ‘Death Watch’."(SegaTM)

Well... this game is what I call a masterpiece. Imagine a game where you are moving around and killing things in sight. Now imagine a game where blood gushing everywhere. NOW imagine a game with a character named jack who is some sort of antagonistic superhero. If you like games like God of war you will love this game. This game revolves around a character named jack who runs around trying to save the world. While you are swinging away with your wiimote you will see Jack is using his " chainsaw hand" and destroying everything in his path.While Jack and you are swinging away at enemys Jack has his own unique set of catch phrases. These catch phrases are usually foul-mouthed so children beware. The only real flaw of this game is that there isnt enough catch phrases and it gets to the point where jack is repeating the same catch phrase over and over again.