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Mafia : The City Of Lost Heaven Pc

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By souzaco on
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This is one of the best game I've ever played. Mafia is kind of like a combination of the driving and the city elements of GTA3 and the story and third person shooting action like Max Payne. Mafia looks and sounds great, and I have not encountered any bugs in it yet. It just straight away entered my best game list because it's so good like that.

The game takes place in detailed and magnificent city, it involves stealing cars and avoiding the police and it has plots in which you navigate a criminal underworld. The missions are split into section. You will watch the well done cutscenes, get assigned to a weapon or two, choose a car and drive through the city to a destination. Halfway through the game, I personally find myself wishing to simply fast forward the driving through city to a destination part of the game.

The cars used in the game is from the 60s or so era vehicles and they're not fast and have some serious problems when climbing steep hills. The police will also make sure that you don't go fast as they will pull you over for driving over 40 and even running a red light amongst other things. Where's the excitement in that? lol.

The game is inserted with great little details. Reloading a gun means losing any bullets left in the current clip. Enemies also pause to reload and have a limited supply of ammo and they'll usually charge you with knives if they are out of ammo. Since you're given only one or two weapons and a limited supply of ammo at the beginning of any mission, and since you can loot equipnment from dead bodies, you'll often have to decide whether to stay hidden and hope an enemy runs out of ammo, or risk attacking him in order to grab his supplies before he wastes them. Cars also sustain damage. You can smash out individual windows, blow out individual tires, break off headlights and bumpers, and even shoot holes in gas tanks.

The graphics are top-notch. The cars look fabulous, and they're especially notable for having a somewhat authentic look . The cutscenes feature are in full details and has a very expressive face models that I've ever seen in a computer game. The soundtrack is composed mainly of jazz which matches the game just fine.

There is no denying on the brilliantness (is there such a word?) of this game. Try it out and feel the excitement.