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Maggie Says Buy Main Choice Plain Biscuits Now

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Now, I would not have thought to review a store brand dog biscuit, but Miss Maggie has insisted that I tell you about them.

Ever since she got a nasty infection in her leg (she doesn’t want me to explain that if she would stop licking it constantly it would heal on its own), she has had to take two pills every single day until it’s all cleared up. Her long, long nose means that pushing a pill back in her throat is a messy job requiring my whole hand! (Hiding them in soft treats doesn’t work with her... she just separates them with her tongue and spits out the pill!)

She’s never been too awful about pill taking, but two a day? “Really? What is that silly vet trying to do to me, ” she asks.

Coincidentally, I had purchased a bag of plain Meijer brand (Main Choice) dog biscuits because they were on sale. I’ve usually gotten the assorted flavor ones because I think those provide a nice variety for Maggie to enjoy. But of course, the store was out of those, and I was low on biscuits, so I sighed and bought the plain ones.

So day one of the two pills we got them down and I gave her one of the plain biscuits. No big deal. Day two of the two pills she seemed very happy, happier than usual, to get her treat. Well, fast forward to the rest of the story... she now presents herself to me first thing when we get to the kitchen in the morning and sits down waiting for her pills while gazing longingly at the biscuit tin. When the pills are gone and I reach for the tin she just can’t contain a happy little yelp and bounce.

Who would have believed that cheapie, no-fancy-flavor dog biscuits could provide so much satisfaction?

Oh yeah, for the information of any humans reading this, they are the standard, approximately 2-inch long, bone-shaped biscuit.

Update On May 01, 2008: Maggie's leg is all better. She thanks you for the well-wishes. She finished the pill regimen a few days ago. It's not certain that she's going to stop licking that spot. Vet says it's a nervous habit. If she insists on annoying it too much she'll have to keep taking Benedryl which seems to stop whatever it is that stimulates her to lick the site.