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Magic Eraser: Removes Anything. But Leaves Residue

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ohthethinksyouwillthink By ohthethinksyouwillthink on
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It was one of my finer blonde moments...

I needed to make a mural for the kid's club I volunteer at. I got my hands on an old overhead projector, stuck the poster paper to the wall, and proceeded to trace out my pattern--with a black permanent marker. When all was said and done, I took down the paper to discover that the marker had bled through the thin poster paper in some spots (Duh!), and had decorated my cream-coloured wall with black polka-dots. AHHH!

I figured it was the ideal time to try the new Magic Eraser I'd been hearing so much about.

I wet the sponge, wrung it out, and began to scrub. I could not believe my eyes! The magic eraser was taking black permanent marker off the wall! My wall now looks good as new! I smelt a 5 Star Review!

Later that evening, I discovered a white powder on my shoulder. Where'd that come from? I remembered that I had leaned up against the wall, so I went back to the area I had cleaned and ran my hand over it. My hand was covered in a chalky residue! But all was well. A damp rag cleaned up the chalkiness, and now my wall looks and feels as good as new.

The moral of the story? Use a pencil next time! (And also, Magic Eraser is amazing--just remember to rinse when you are done.) =)