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Magic Reach Doesn't Impress Me Much

Reviewing: Mr. Clean Magic Reach5 In 1 Surface Cleaner  |  Rating:
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I am a fan of the Mr. Clean product lines and for the majority of them I have nothing but good things to say. Unfortunately, this particular product isn't in the company of the others but to be fair, I hate cleaning, only do it because I can't stand mess and well, if I have to fool around with something that is suppose to make my cleaning time easier yet does little to help me achieve that, I usually kick it to the curb pretty quickly regardless the amount of money I've spent on it.

The Mr. Clean Magic reach mop is meant to make cleanups in the bathroom a quick and easy process. By using the Magic Reach prewet towels for floors or for the shower/tub, you are suppose to quickly be able to slip one of these specially designed towelettes over the triangular shaped pad of the Magic reach mop and then easily clean shower tiles, tubs, floors etc., just like that.

My first attempt to work with this mop was a rather dismal failure. The cloth didn't want to stay on the mop head despite the fact that there is a small circular area in which you push a corner of the towel into and it is suppose to be kept in place by the cross slits in the hole. Would be great if it did work, however I spent more time either bending down to reposition the towel and reseat it in the hole or bringing the mop up to me and trying to rearrange it, than I did trying to keep the mop head itself properly positioned where I was cleaning. The head continually wanted to flip over to its side and all I can say is it was a frustrating struggle at times. Swipe, swipe...flip. Swipe, flip, flip, flip!

Trying to clean the tiles in the children's bath is a difficult enough task at the best of times thanks to our beautiful big gold and smoke mirrored shower doors, but the Magic Reach made it almost impossible to get any kind of good result thanks to all the flipping and slipping it preferred to do.

I'd really hesitated purchasing this to begin with simply because I wasn't certain that it would help me avoid the back pain I usually end up with for several days after cleaning and 2nd because I was rather puzzled at just how the head of this mop was going to be able to scootch into those corners of the tub without my needing to learn to be a contortionist but the concept seemed like it was at least worth a try.

I've owned this product for about 8 months now and I've used it a total of three times. All three times I came close to just shoving it in the garbage but for some reason, I'm hoping that someone else in the family will want to give it a try and prove to me that it's not the product that's the problem but the person using it, or trying to. So far, even though the mop sits at the ready in the main bath waiting, no one else in the family feels like making me look silly...pity, I wouldn't mind being proven incapable of using this product...but I think that's what everyone is afraid of...who ever can manage it has to use it? My plan for getting out of doing bathrooms...foiled again!