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Magic Sing Karaoke System Product Review

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reny By reny on
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One day my family and I went over to grandma's house. When we arrived grandma was giddy and very excited. So we asked "Grandma any good news lately?". She said "no" but brought out a black case. Inside this case was the Magic Sing ed-9000. Personally I love to sing (even though I am bad at it) and I love karaoke. My children quickly took an interest. Soon grandma plugged it in and we gathered everyone around the TV and had an awesome time.

The Magic Sing ed-9000 came equipped with a microphone, microphone stand, cables, carrying case, and a song book. Grandma and the children found it easy to use for the most part. The system comes with more than just song options. There is a practice mode, a few games to try, and sound features. I love the fact this system is light weight and portable. No heavy, bulky system to store. It is extremely easy to bring it along to friends house. Best yet, there is no other equipment to have. All you need is a TV with inputs.

There are enough songs to keep you busy. You can also extend your library buy purchasing additional cartridges which are installed into the microphone. All features to access with this system is nicely built-in the microphone. With a few pushes of the buttons, you are ready to sing.

My main complaint about this system, is that it comes with only 1 microphone. If you are planning to use the Magic Sing in a group setting, you will need another one. However, if you want to save money, you can use any microphone with a plug-in. Another flaw I did experience with the Magic Sing, is that some of the songs lyrics are not always accurate. Fumbling over a few songs with wrong lyrics did it make the situation funny and allowed some creativity.

Overall, it is an great fun product. For my birthday my husband surprised me with my very own Magic Sing. You might think it is expensive and it is initially. You do end up saving in the long run if you choose to use it rather than going out. It is great to use at parties, indoor family gatherings, and more. Plus, there are songs for the children too!