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Magic The Gathering: 6th Edition

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Sixth Edition is the sixth core set released by Wizards of the coast, the makers of Magic the Gathering. This sets marks the integration of Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight and alliances into the core set. Interesting cards abound in this set. For example White gets Wrath of god, Armageddon, Disenchant, Crusades, Archangel, Exile and Longbow Archer. Blue gets Counterspell, Deflection, Desertion, Library of Lat-Nam, Prosperity and Boomerang. Black gets Abyssal specter, Coercion, Vampiric Tutor, Doomsday, Hecatomb, Stupor and Terror. Red gets Balduvian horde, Blaze, Crimson Hellkite, Goblin King, Jokulhaups, Stone Rain and Shock. Green gets Giant Growth, Elvish Archers, Creeping Mold, Llanowar elves, River Boa and Maro. The artifacts are supplemented by the diamonds cycle. The lands are supplemented by pain lands.

I appreciated that this set had much more balance than the previous edition. I was glad that many useful cards made it in the set and this wasn't a compilation of trash cards. WOTC did a good job in weeding out cards that were really useless. The collation has gotten better as well. The bad cards were not overprinted in this one.