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Magic The Gathering: 7th Edition

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Seventh edition was the first set since Alpha to introduce new art for each and every card. That's a complete overhaul. This set also includes black bordered foil premium versions of every card. Each color got its share of boosts. Black got Crypt Rats, Dark Banishing, Eastern Paladin, Western Paladin, Dregs of Sorrow, Duress, Ostrcize and Infernal Contract. Blue got Majamotti Djinn, Counterspell, Concentrate, Daring apprentice, Remove Soul, Deflection, Treasure Trove and Inspiration. Green got Thorn Elemental, Elvish Archers, Birds of Paradise, Vernal Bloom, Early Harvest, Creeping Mold and Hurricane. Red got shivan Dragon, Shock, Blaze, Relentles Assault, final Fortune and Lightning Blast. White got Serra angel, Wrath of God, Gerrard's Wisdom, Longbow Archer and Crossbow Infantry.

This set is very well balanced and is good for sealed deck play. It contains many game altering cards such as Wrath of God and Relentless Assault. It also contains plenty of utility cards such as disenchant and Duress. The set is carefully thought of and the packs have good collation.