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Magic The Gathering: 8th Edition

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Eighth Edition was released during the 10th year anniversary of Magic the Gathering so thrity four previously unreprinted cards saw action. Old favorites such as Underworld Dreams and Rukh Egg saw the light of day again. As expected each color got reinforced by the set. White got Blinding Angel, Glorious Anthem, Ivory Mask, Karma, Pacifism, Savannah Lions, Serra Angel and Spirit Link. Blue got Archivist, Boomerang, Bribery, Concentrate, Confiscate, Deflection, Evacuation, Index and Inspiration. Black got Coercion, Diabolic Tutor, Fallen Angel, Megrim, Mind Rot, Nightmare and Persecute. Red got Blaze, Demolish, Goblin King, Inferno, Lava Hounds, Lightning Elemental, Lightning Blast and Seismic Assault. Green got Lhurgoyf, Maro, Giant Growth, Vine Trellis, Rhox, Revive and Verduran Enchantress.

The set was excellently designed and included many favorites as well as power cards. The collation was also good. The balance between clors was done well so no color had too much of an advantage.