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Magic The Gathering: Albino Troll Fnm

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The Urza's Saga expansion was one of the most powerful expansions ever released by Wizards of the Coast. This expansion introduced a mechanic called echo. Echo was like paying for a permanent on an installment basis. You could also choose not to pay the echo cost and place the permanent on the graveyard. This ability enabled you to get permanents quickly on the board at a small cost.

Albino Troll was one of the better echo cards. He could cast in as fast as the first or second turn and his echo cost is only two mana. Furthermore, he is very hard to get rid of since he regenerates. This card is very good for a stompy green deck.

This particular version came from Friday Night Magic. Friday Night Magic is a good program of Wizrds of the coast which rewards active Magic the Gathering players. The rewards are usually in the form of promotional cards and many of them are foil cards.

This piece was once a tournament staple and is an excellent addition to your collection.