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Magic The Gathering: Alliances

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Alliances is the fourteenth Magic the Gathering expansion. The set was released in 1996 and was one of the powerful sets that was available at its time of release. Its story was that Freyalise, a planeswalker used her magic to end the ice age. The conflict was between the barbarians and the army of General Varchild. Also the artifacts used during the Urza / Mishra war were being unearthed and would cause further conflict.

The set has innovated in terms of pitch spells which used alternative costs such as removing cards in hand from the game as a substitute for paying mana. Earlier mechanics such as snow covered lands, cumulative upkeep and cantrip were also prominently used. The power cards of the set were Force of Will, Arcane Denial, Kaysa, Balduvian Horde, Lake of the Dead and Kjeldoran Outpost.

The set was a major upgrade from weak sets such as Fallen Empires and Homelands that were released before. The set included several cards that became tournament staples. This is a very good set overall.