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Magic The Gathering: Arabian Nights

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Arabian Nights was released in December 1993. The expansion set was the first expansion ever. It was themed after the classic Middle Eastern tales, 1001 Arabian Nights. You had cardswhich were a part of the story such as Aladdin, Abu Ja'far, Ali Baba, Camel, Desert, Flying Men, King Suleiman and Sindbad.

The set was pretty good for a first expansion as it had a good number of power cards. The most popular of which is the Juzam Djinn. It was a 5/5 powerhouse which costed four mana. Other notable cards are Ali from Cairo, Desert Twister, Diamond Valley, Ernham Djinn, Rukh Egg, Serendib Efreet and Kird Ape.

The set overall is solid with many cards such as Desert Twister and Kird Ape being reprinted in later editions. I highly recommend getting this product because of the chance of getting a Juzam Djinn which is one of the most popular creatures ever. The product may be expensive now in the secondary market because of dwindling supply. the more reason to get it.