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Magic The Gathering: Armadillo Cloak Fnm Foil

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Armadillo Cloak is a very popular casual card in casual and in pauper formats. Pauper is a Magic the Gathering format that allows players to only play with common cards. This is a cheap alternative to the $300 to $500 monsters that rule tournaments.

What does Armadillo Cloak actually do? First of all it gives a +2/+2 bonus to the enchanted creature. Secondly it gives the selected creature trample. Third it gives the creature lifelink. All these for three mana? that's efficient.

This particular version has the same art as the original card but is foil and could only be acquired through Friday Night Magic.This is a loyalty and incentive program for people who actively play the game during Friday nights at accredited stores.

$3.00 for this card is a sweet deal. It goes nicely into your pauper deck and into your collection. Foils are always fun. I highly recommend that you add this card to your collection.