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Magic The Gathering: Armageddon Judge Foil

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Armageddon is a word synonymous with mas destruction. It is a word associated with conflict and desolation. In the world of Dominaria, Armageddon the card is just as destructive. This card could destroy each and every land. It doesn't matter if the land is basic or non basic. It doesn't matter if the card is foil or non foil. This card destroys them all.

At first glance this card may seem to be too destructive for its own good. I mean what about my lands? They get destroyed too. Well if you think outside the box, you realize that you could easily get around this drawback. You could put mana generating creatures in your deck such as Llanowar Elves and Birds of Paradise. You could also include mana producing artifacts such as Sky Diamonds, Fellwar Stones or Darksteel Ingots. This leaves you with viable mana sources while your opponent is stuck with nothing.

This edition of Armageddon is special since it is limited release. also the look of the card is the best look for Armageddon I have ever seen. Not to mention that this card is foil. I recommend this to any Magic the Gathering fan out there.