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Magic The Gathering: Balduvian Horde Judge Foil

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Back in the day Juzam Djinn was a highly popular card. He was a big bad black creature that was very powerful at the time. For only four mana you could have a 5/5 creature that had a slight drawback. You would incur one damage per turn. It was ridiculously easy to cast as Dark Ritual was still in print and you could cast it in your first turn.

While Wizards of the Coast never reprinted Juzam, they made a bunch of clones like Phyrexian Scuta, Yukora the Prisoner and Balduvian Horde. Back in the day red green decks were extremely popular because of the mana boosting capabilities of Birds of Paradise, Llanowar Elves, Elvish Spirit Guide and Tinder Wall. You could cast this fellow in the first or second turn. He has a minor setback. He makes you discard a card at random. Well its a small price to pay for such a big creature.

This version is a special judge foil version and costs only $3.00. Its sad though that a card which costed $20.00 a decade ago is worth nothing now. I however recommend this card to avid collectors.