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Magic The Gathering: Ball Lightning Judge Foil

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The Ball Lightning is yet another iconic card in the Magic the Gathering universe. It has after all it is a rather deadly and efficient card. For a mere three red mana, you have access to a 6/1 creature that has trample. The only catch is that it dies at the end of the turn. The Ball Lightning has been one of the major cogs of decks such as the goblin deck and the sleigh deck.

The Ball Lightning could be combined with cards such as Bloodlust and Berserk to further enhance it damaging capabilities. Furthermore, it could be sacrifice to certain cards to produce additional damage. This card is truly remarkable.

I personally am a big fan of this card. It has won me many duels using my old goblin deck. With this as a primary cog, you could win in as easy as four or five turns.

This particular version of the Ball Lightning is specially treated in foil and is available for judges only. At only $15.00 a pop, this is nice to add to your collection.