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Magic The Gathering: Blastoderm Fnm Foil

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Blastoderm was a hit when it first debuted in Nemesis. The card was merely a common but had the power level of an uncommon or a rare. Four a mere four mana, you had a creature that was 5/5 and had shroud. This meant that opponents had a hard time getting rid of it. Cards like Dark Banishing, Unmake and Incinerates just bounce off of it.It was also tough to kill it during creature clashes since 5/5 is a lot of beef.

This particular version of Blastoderm has the same art as the regular Blastoderm save for the foil treatment. The card was given to people who were active on Friday Night Magic. Friday Night Magic is a program of Wizards of the Coast where people play on tournaments and events to get points and goodies such as the card we are reviewing today.

If in case you were not around for the card's release you can own one for only $2.00 from Starcitygames.com or your local hobby shop. I definitely recommend this card for your collection.