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Magic The Gathering: Capsize Fnm Foil

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Tempest was an expansion that introduced some brand new mechanics. One of these mechanics was called "buyback." This was appropriately named as paying the buyback cost allowed you to keep the card from going to the graveyard / discard pile. This allowed you to repeatedly use the same spell over and over again so long as you had enough resources to pay the buyback cost. This was card advantage at its finest.

The card we have here now is called Capsize. It enabled you to return any permanent an opponent had back to his hand. It also allowed you to return your own permanents so it could save them from destruction or they could be recycled to provide another comes into play effect.

This was one of my favorite cards when Tempest came out. To think that this card was just a common. This particular version is a foil given to participant of Friday Nicht Magic. As stated in my previous reviews, Friday Night Magic encourages Magic players to be active so that they can avail of these goodies. I definitely recommend this for your collection.