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Magic The Gathering: Creeping Mold Arena Promo

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Creeping Mold was one of the most popular cards in the Visions expansion of Magic the Gathering. Other notable cards in the set were Nekrataal, Viashino Sandstalker, Man-O'-War and Desertion. The card was very much similar to an earlier Magic the Gathering card named Desert Twister except that it costs two less to cast and could not destroy creatures. This was done since Wizards of the Coast was trying to fix the game to have each color have its own flavor.

This card is extremely versatile. it could destroy enchantments, artifacts and lands. It could be included in green decks to handles such threats or be included in land destruction decks to add to the destruction spells. A bonus to this card is its low cost. Four mana is nothing to green since green has the ability to produce insane amounts of mana.

This particular version is a promotional released by wizards of the Coast but looks like the ordinary Creeping Mold in packs. However, this card has the foil treatment. This is yet another card you can add to your collection.