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Magic The Gathering: Decree Of Justice Judge Foil

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Angels and soldiers have long fortified the ranks of the white color of Magic the Gathering. This particular card gives you access to both creature types. The card is appropriately called Decree of Justice.The card is an extremely powerful card as a finisher. Just imagine your opponent going up against a legion of 4/4 flying angels or a batallion of 1/1 soldiers.

The key is having enough mana to use this card properly. You could achieve this through having a variety of mana artifacts, special mana producing lands and mana enhancing enchantments and creatures. As long as you could pay a lot of mana, this card is a killer.

To make this card more effective, you could put in Crusades or Coat of Arms. You could also use this card in conjunction with Fires of Yavimaya to make your army attack and pulverize the opponent immediately.

This particular version is a judge foil and is worth thrice the original card's value. I highly recommend this card for your collection.