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Magic The Gathering: Deepwood Menace Precon

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About Deepwood Menace Precon

The deck relies on the classic reg-green concept. Red provides direct damage and green provides big beefy creatures. The deck wins by overwhelming opponents with creatures or dealing that final red damage dealing spell.

How to beat the deck

The deck is full of small creatures and some damage spells. A way to counteract this is through creature controlling spells like Propaganda or Ensnaring Bridge. Mass destruction cards like Damnation, Wrath of God, Infest and Final Judgment.

The Verdict

While it follows a tried and true formula that I have personally used in playing. The deck is awful in terms of direct damage spells. Lunge is nowhere near Incinerate or Lightning Bolt. Horned Troll is nowhere near Troll Ascetic. This was simply a poorly designed set.