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Magic The Gathering: Dissipate Fnm Foil

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Mirage was an expansion of Magic the Gathering that was set in the tropical plains of Jamuraa. With this being said it was natural that most of the good cards were in the colors of red and green. surprisingly I found this gem in the uncommons section of the color blu. The card was Dissipate. This was a card that countered any spell and removed it from the game instead of landing it in the graveyard.

This card was the silver bullet of blue against recursion cards such as Nether Shadow, Hammer of Bogardan, Nether Traitor, Stinkweed Imp and the like. The original problem with recursion is that since the spells keep coming back, you'll run out of counterspells dealing with them. This makes sure that they don't cause anymore trouble. This is also a good card to sabotage reanimation decks which rely on creatures in the graveyard. f there is no creature in the graveyard, then there is nothing to reanimate.

I would recommend this card to old school players who love the use of spells rather than creature based decks. If not use this, it at least looks good in your binder.