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Magic The Gathering: Enlightened Tutor Arena Foil

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The Mirage expansion of Magic the Gathering introduced to us the tutors cycle. The first tutor in reality was the Demonic Tutor but was never reprinted so Mirage introduced three tutors. They had one for blue, green and white. The blue one enabled you to find a sorcery or instant. The green one enbled you to find creatures. The white one enabled you to find artifacts and enchantments. The difference between the old turtor and the newer ones were that the newer ones were a tad slower. Instead of going to your hand directly, you had to put the card on top of your library. This makes it a target for Millstones and Vision Charms. Also, you have to reveal the card to your opponent which lets your opponent know what you are going to do next. The original tutor never required you to reveal anything.

This particular version looks stunning in foil especially since it is white. The prismatic effect of the foil coating really enhances the appearnce of the card. This card is definitely a keeper.