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Magic The Gathering: Eventide

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Magic the Gathering has been around since 1993 and is still going strong up to now. Each and every expansion adds a new dimension to the game and Eventide is no different. It adds new game mechanics and introduces new power cards to decimate the opposition.

The prevalent theme in Eventide are opposing color hybrids. The set also includes earlier introduced mechanics such as wither and persist. Two new notable mechanics are introduced namely chroma and retrace. Chroma makes the number of mana symbols of a particular color a variable which determines the effect of a card. Retrace allows one to play a card out of one's graveyard with an added cost of discarding a land.Notable cycles in the set are the hybrid lands, lieges and the deities.

The power cards are the following

1) Figure of Destiny

2) Hybrid Lands

3) Stillmoon Cavalier

4) Stigma Lasher

5) Deities