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Magic The Gathering: Figure Of Destiny Promo

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Figure of Destiny was released in the Pre-release event of Wizards of the coast for the Eveningtide set. At first glance the card may not seem to be much. I mean one to cast 1/1 creature? I could get a Savannah Lions. One mana for a 2/1 creature. I could also get an Isamaru Hound of Konda also a 2/2 creature for the same one mana.

However if you look closely, the Figure of Destiny could be the best one drop in the game. It has the ability to evolve and is useful even in the endgame when you have lots of mana to spare. It morphs thrice and on the third transformatio, it becomes a powerhouse. The first transformation makes it a bit bigger. It becomes a 2/2 creature. The second transformation makes it a 4/4 menace. The third transformation makes the Figure of Destiny into a 8/8 monster with flying and first strike.

This is an extremely powerful card valued is at double figures now.Its $17.50 at Starcitygames.com. It may be pricey but it is extremely good in red or white decks. It is one of the hottest cards today.