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Magic The Gathering: Fire Ice Fnm Foil

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The Invasion expansion of Magic the Gathering introduced a new innovation to the world of Dominaria. It introduced the split cards. Split cards were cards that were two cards in one.This means that the card essentially has both colors of the two smaller cards and you had the option of playing either of the cards. Ths made split cards versatile.

With Invasion introducing cards that facilitated multicolored mana production, plus existing cards such as pain lands, this card becomes very viable to play. This card is named after the fire and ice decks that proliferated during the time. Fire and Ice were blue and red decks that combined the card drawing and countermagic of blue with the damage dealing of red. The fire card lets you do two damage to up to two targets. TheIce card lets you tap a permanent and draw a card.

This particular card is similar to its original art save for the foil treatment of the card. The card really looks stunning in foil. The prismatic effect really enhances the car's appeal. This is perfect for any Magic the Gathering collection.