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Magic The Gathering: Fnm Accumulated Knowledge

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The Tempest expansion of Magic the Gathering featured a card called Kindle. It was a direct damage spell but featured a brand new mechanic. For each other copy of the card in any graveyard, the effect compunds. For example you played a Kindle, it dealt two damage. Play a second one and it deals two damage plus one which makes it three. This is fun in a multiplayer game.

Now Wizards decided to create a Kindle for drawing cards. They named it Accumulated Knowledge. This card lets youdraw one card plus another for each other card named Accumulated Knowledge in the graveyard. With two Accumulated Knowledge in the graveyard, you have yourself an Ancestral Recall.

This particular version of the card, it comes in a prismatic foil effect. It is also harder to find as it could only be available through being active in Friday Night Magic. Friday Night Magic is a program of Wizards of the Coast to encourage people to play Magic the Gathering on Friday Nights by giving out prizes and promo cards.

I recommend this card to add to your collection if you have missed out when it was released. It is not available in boosters so $5.00 is a good price for this.