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Magic The Gathering: Heavy Duty Precon

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Heavy Duty is a basic beatdown deck with a twist. It combines the lumbering behemoths of the color green with the tricks white is associated with such as protection from colors and enchantment destruction. The basic premise of the deck is good and simple. All you have to do is summon green creatures to beat down the opponent.The deck also includes elements of creature enhancement, creature removal and mana acceleration.

The problem with the deck however is that the cards included in it are not top class cards. The rares included in the deck namely the Noble Panther and Thicket Elemental are not very efficient for their cost. The concept is correct but the tools to implement the concept are awful. The creatures included here are nowherenear the efficiency of a White Knight, flametongue Kavu or Hypnotic Specter.

I would not recommend this horrid deck to anybody. While some of the parts like Harrow and Wax/wane are appealing, you are better off buying the other preconstructed decks in this block.