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Magic The Gathering: Homelands

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Homelands was the thirteenth set of Magic the Gathering and rightfully so. It was considered "Magic's all-time design low" by Head Designer Mark Rosewater. The set was very much depowered as compared to other sets.

The setting of the set was in Ulgrotha where Feroz placed a ban on all planeswalkers from entering. Feroz died afterwards and then the ban weakened as time passed by. This allowed a planeswalker named Ravi to use the Apocalypse Chime to deimate all life and mana on Ulgrotha.

The set did have useful cards like Eron the Relentless, Ihsan's Shade, Serrated Arrows, Autumn Willow, Merchant Scroll and Baron Sengir. However the set would not hold a candle to sets of today and isn't even fun to play with. The set doesn't even have any new mechanics.