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Magic The Gathering: Incendiary Command

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Incendiary Command is the red command out of a series of black, blue, green, red and white commands. The commands were introduced by Wizards of the Coast in their Lorwyn expansion set. They are all rares in terms of rarity and all have four possible abilities. You could however only choose two so choose wisely. The card has the following abilities:

deal four damage to target player

deal two damage to each creature

destroy target nonbasic land

players discard their hands and draw cards with the same number discarded this way

I have tried this card in casual play and have found it to be quite effective. However it is nowhere near the power of Profane Command or Cryptic Command. It is a decent card but not really a card of tournament quality. The card however has very nice art which is simple yet fitting of the name. It shows a cauldron with firey magic comic out of it. I would higly recommend this card for casual games.