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Magic The Gathering: Invasion

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Invasion is the 21st set in the Magic the Gathering franchise. The set set the standard for gold cards and multicolor themed decks. It is the predecessor to gold themed expansions such as Ravnica and Shards of Alara. The set introduces mechanics such as Kicker which gives an increased effect for additional payment, Domain which increases the effect according to the number of land types you control and Split Cards which are literally two cards in one.

The set literally broke barriers for players. Because for the first time players could feasibly have competitive five color decks without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for dual lands or moxes. The set has its share of power cards which are Absorb, Darigaaz the Igniter, Rith the Awakener and Elvish champion.

Thought the deck doesn't have gamebreaking cards like Wrath of God or Armageddon, it has a lot of efficient multicolor spells and fun creatures. I thoroughly enjoyed this set.