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Magic The Gathering: Man O' War Arena Foil

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The Visions expansion of Magic the Gathering introduced a cycle of creatures that had come into play effects. For black they had the Nekrataal which was a 2/1 creature with first strike and destroyed a non-black creature, Uktabi Orangutang which destroyed an artifact and Man-O'-War which returned a creature back to its owner's hand.

This was a very good group of creatures that were highly efficient. It is like a spell and creature combined into one. This gives you a tremendous card advantage. The Man-o'-War is a nice addition to blue. Just think of the immediate advantage it gives you. You return your opponent's minions and you keep a 2/2 creature. That is not a bad tradeoff. It is in fact a tradeoff that is unfair to your opponent.

I would like to recommend this card as it has beenbeen used in past tournaments as part of the five color Necropotence deck. This particular version in fact is nice and shiny and hard to find.