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Magic The Gathering: Mirage

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Mirage is the fifteenthset of Magic the Gathering and it introduced Fifth Edition Rules. The setting of the set is in Jamuraa, a place modeled after Africa and centered on three nations namely Zhalfir, Femeref, and Suq'Ata. The story revolved on the war of the three nations against the evil Kaervek.

The set introduces new mechanics such as phasing and flanking. Phasing is both used as an evasion technique for creatures to avoid spells and as a penalty. Flanking emphasizes the advantage of riding on horseback and delivers a -1/-1 penalty on creatures blocking an attacking creature with flanking as long as they do not have flanking themselves.

The useful cards of the set were Grinning Totem, Incinerate, Volcanic Geyser, Volcanic Dragon, Mist Dragon, Amber Prison, the diamonds, Mtenda Lion, Dissipate and Jolrael's Centaur. The sets power concentrated on red and green which suits the theme of Mirage. The set has nifty cards but none powerful enough to change gameplay. Mirage is just an average set by today's standards.