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Magic The Gathering: Primal Command

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Primal command is the green counterpart to the commands cycle of the Lorwyn Expansion of Magic the Gathering. These commands are highly efficient and provide two of four possible effects and give its own plenty of card advantage. Each command also uses abilities stated in the sphere of each color. Black is deceit and decay. Blue is arcane magic. Green is mostly about organic life and nature. Red is about destructive magic. White is about purity and the divine.

This particular card could do two of the possible four things

gain 7 life for a target player

put target noncreature permanent on top of its owner's library

a reshuffle of the graveyard into the library for a target player

a search for any creature in your library and place it in hand

To some people the five mana cost may seem to look unappealing. They forget however that green could produce copius amounts of mana. I have personally tried this card and have found it to be quite effective in casual play.