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Magic The Gathering: Profane Command

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Profane Command was perhaps the second most powerful of the commands cycle of the Lorwyn expansion. Its power is only rivalled by blue's Cryptic Command. As previews commands show, you could only choose two out of the four abilites. The black command has the following abilities:

target player looses X life

return target creature with power X or less from your graveyard to play

target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn

up to X target creatures gain fear until end of turn (fear means this creature cannot be blocked except by black or artifact creatures)

I have used this card in casual play and have fought against it. This card really packs a wallop. You could lower your opponents lifepoints easily. You could also bring back one of your minions or remove one of your opponent's minions. You could also imbue your army so that they could launch a final attack to vanquish the opponent. I highly recommend this tournament quality card for casual and tournament play.